Brooklyn United Live!

An Off-Broadway theatrical event

Brooklyn United Live is an inspirational story of what can happen when a village works together! What many did not know when they applied to join The Brooklyn United Music & Arts Program was that they were signing up for more than just an after-school program. BU is a village where each person plays a role in the success of all that happens. This story is told in a 75 minute production with heart pounding visuals that will have you moving in your seat.

BU Live is an amazing piece of art that will engage the audience with a glimpse into the lives of its members -- the rigorous schedule, the long hours of practice, and the endless days of performances all balanced out with school, family and life. This production will leave the audience inspired to join our village. Yes, you too can be a member of the BU village! You don't have to play an instrument or be a parent to be a part of "The Village." Your love, support and prayers would become vital to the growth and survival, and ultimately, the success of the BU Village. Ladies and gentlemen, Brooklyn United Live!

Brooklyn United Live Cast



Alyssa Reaves
Destiny Cox
Essence John
Heaven Allah
Ja’Dell Mendoza
Jacera Alston
Ja’Naya Grant
Jaelyn Grant
Layana Lawrence
Layla Richardson
Mia Anderson
Niobi Ramirez
Ny'Asia E. Peterson
Shanice McBean
Sianna Skye Davis
Soleil Autumn Berry
Yasmeen Middleton
Zhane Berry

Snare Player

Kayden Stennett
Makhi Crosland
Paris Leonce
Royal-Hyness Allah

Tenor Player

De'Andre McCray
Kayden Holder
Naaem Cook

Qunit Player

Mekhi J Pringle
Kashawn Hawkins

Bass Player

Aari Weekes
David Russell Jr
Gavin Blake
Prince Allah
Rashawn Hawkins

Cymbals 2 Guest

Aidyn Washington