The Brooklyn United Music and Arts Program (BU) is a community-based organization that serves New York City youth. As an art form, marching band combines the elements of musicianship and pageantry and allows each student to participate in an all encompassing and life changing activity. Brooklyn United is focused on the development of youth through Academic Support, Character Development, Skills Building and Performance Opportunities. It is through these pillars that we strive to build strong, well rounded, healthy, confident and capable young people.




We strive towards the goal of having 100 percent of our students pass every class. We take this initiative very seriously. Through our peer tutoring we provide students with tools to work and assistance with understanding and completing their assignments. In addition to our academic support we believe that constant conversation about academics and exposure to institutions of higher learning help keep education in the forefront of every member’s mind.



Unfortunately, a lot of the norms in our community do not lead our young people to a greater world understanding. Our members will be introduced to the larger world that they have to encounter and learn that are appropriate in the greater world. Members are able to learn new ideals as well as express themselves in a safe guided atmosphere. Integrity and hard work are essential traits that we work to develop and reinforce in our members.


Marching band is an art. The skills needed to read and play music while marching, performing drills and executing choreography lead to the development of other vital skills such as discipline, focus teamwork and leadership.



When members earn the right to perform through their academic achievements, displaying strong character and development in their musical skills, they will have an opportunity to show all they have earned in front of huge audiences and mostly importantly in front of their friends and families. Our members have the opportunity to perform at the largest entertainment venues, exclusive private events and the most anticipated gatherings and celebrations but most importantly they have the chance to build memories of a lifetime.




Our mission is to provide inner city youth aged 5-21 with positive marching band experience while promoting the four pillars of: academic support, character development, skills building, and performance opportunities.



Our vision is to build outstanding citizens and prepare them to be tomorrow’s leaders while affording exceptional opportunities to learn and create lifelong memories.